Apple to fix Telugu character bug which can cause iPhone to crash, block Messages

Apple has new programming bug to manage on iPhone, watchOS, and macOS which can make the gadget crash and square access to the Messages application after it restarts, as per reports. The iOS bug issue is caused when a message in Telugu characters is sent to gadgets, and Apple’s iOS seems to crash once this shows up. As per a cover The Verge, the issue was first announced by an Italian blog Mobile World, and they additionally figured out how to effectively try out the bug, which caused Messages to crash.

The report includes that once Messages crashes, the application can’t open as it is as yet endeavoring to stack the Telugu character. It appears Apple has observed the issue in iOS 11.2.5 and will be issuing a refresh to settle this issue. It additionally gives the idea that iOS 11.3 beta isn’t affected by the Telugu character bug.

As indicated by Mobile World, there is a specific character in Telugu which is causing the iPhone to crash and that it additionally impacts watchOS, macOS. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook on iOS additionally get impaired and crash if the message with the Telugu character is gotten, says The Verge, however, Telegram and Skype are not affected, it includes.

Reuters cites an Apple representative as saying that the organization was taking a shot at a fix for iOS 11, the macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tv 11 renditions, which are altogether affected by the bug. As indicated by the representative, Apple’s more established programming renditions were not influenced by the bug. It likewise gives the idea that Apple has settled the issue in the present beta adaptations of the most recent working frameworks, which are yet to take off openly for all clients. Apple affirmed that there is a refresh coming which will settle the issue.

Not long ago, a bug called chaiOS was accounted for iOS and macOS was accounted for which caused iPhones, Macs to crash after a polluted HTML record was sent by means of the Messages application. Apple had guaranteed a fix for the chaiOS bug and had moved it out for clients too. An engineer named Abraham Masri had found this bug and posted about the same on Github, however, he said his aim was to inspire Apple to observe the issue. The bug could make the framework crash without the client notwithstanding tapping on the connection.

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