Auto Expo 2018: A lot of youth played ‘off road’ magic of vehicles

Off-road vehicles for youth have been the center of attraction for the auto expo. Many of these vehicles are such that they are able to walk with the speed in the hilly areas. Not only this, the companies have given a lot of attention to the design and fuel consumption of these cars. Report of Sunil Pandey

Automobile companies have brought off-road cars and bikes in the auto expo, which is very well received by the youth. Photos of cars and bikes are catching up. Taking technical information. Consumers have prepared cars and bikes only by keeping the youth in mind. Special attention has been paid to the mileage in the hilly area. Off-road trains are attracting spectators to the auto expo. Maruti Suzuki’s Concept Car Survivor is very much liked. Maruti has introduced it to the electric. Apart from this, Thanar of Manihadra is also very popular among the people. This car is also capable of running in rugged terrain. Many companies have also introduced the bike for off-road. These bikes are the choice of people.

More than 70 thousand people gathered at the fair on Tuesday
Many people reached the auto expo on Tuesday. Afternoon the crowd got more. More than seventy thousand people today arrived in the fair. The people who reached the city on the last day were busy searching for selfies with vehicles. Most of the crowds are staying with luxury vehicles. The last day of the fair is Wednesday. The vehicles in the auto expo are reaching for viewing. Because of the last day on Wednesday, too many people reached on the auto expo on Tuesday. People with luxury trains were busy with photos. Engage in taking selfies with young cars and bikes. Most reached Mercedes and BMW. Everyone here wants a photo with a car. Here, the condition of the jam on the prairie park due to the crowd in the auto expo remained. Here the vehicles stayed on and off.

Stirred by getting unclaimed bag in expo

On Tuesday, a black color lavaris bag was found in the auto expo. Although the police called on the Dog Squad and bomb detention squad on the spot while taking immediate action. After which the bag was opened and seen. But no suspicious thing was found in the bag. A man, leaving the bag behind the gate number one of the Expo Mart Center, left his bag and went away. The people inside the Expo Mart saw the unclaimed bag and informed the police. After that, the police immediately called on Doug Squad’s team and the bomb detention squad on the spot. The police have already arranged here. There was no doubt that there was no suspicious thing in the bag. There were some papers in the bag.

Vintage trains remain in expo
Auto Expo in Greater Noida is the name of the golden past of a corner auto industry. This Hall welcomes you when you arrive at Hall Number 12. Here are the top-class, unique and sturdy cars and bikes, which once had the glory of roads. When the motor car came, the first world war was ending. A large number of horses were also killed with soldiers in the war, which was an important means of traffic. In the same period, the Canadian company McAlaghalin presented the bike. This car made for sitting 7 people was among the better cars of its era. Later the American company General Motors bought it.

Apart from this, the heavy Cadillac 355D, like the Cadillac car, any warship vehicle was prepared by General Motors. The production of this 8-cylinder car is from 1931 to 35. The Cadillac 355D was counted in the strongest and luxurious cars of its era. Bentley has its own identity in luxury cars. It first came in 1946. It was produced till 1952. It was considered a very expensive and successful car at that time. At the speed of 100 miles per hour, the fastest in its rivals. This was the first car with full coaches made of steel.

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