Forbes released the first crypto rich list, with a turnover of 51 thousand crores on Larsen Top

Forbes first released the rich list of cryptocurrency holders. In the Ripple Company’s co-founder, Chris Larsen is at the top. According to Forbes, he has a crypto money of $ 8 billion (about Rs 51 thousand crores). The list has given place to 400 wealthy people worldwide. People have shown greater confidence in three cryptocurrency bitcoins, anthurium, and XRP. In 2017, there was an increase of 14,409% in these cryptocurrencies.

These are top 5 cryptos rich in the list.
1.Cris Larsen- 8 billion dollars
2.Joseph Lublin – 5 billion dollars
3. Cheng Peng Zhao – 2 billion dollars
Cameron – $ 1.1 billion
5. Mathew Melon – 1 billion dollars

Also included in the list of rich

– Forbes list includes Brian, Rosjack, Anthony D, Brendon Blummer, Den Laramer, Valerie, Charles Haskinson, Tim Draper, Song Se Hugh. Along with the list, 67 Americans have the highest place in the list.

How did the ready crypto rich list?
– In the Rich List of Crypto Holders, Forbes has added the wealth of more than 42 years. Who has a $ 350 million cryptocurrency?

– For this, 5 categories of Idealists, Apurchunists, Builders, Investors, and Infrastructure were prepared. A person has been given space in many categories.
According to Forbes, a different range was prepared for different net worth to make the list. The value of the cryptocurrency is estimated, which was valued by traders and business by January 19th.

What kind of cryptocurrency, what’s the value?
According to Forbes, there is around 1500 cryptocurrency in the world at the moment. Their value is around 500 billion dollars. Forbes editor Randall Lane said that the results that are coming out from the cryptocurrency cannot be hidden.

What stands of government on cryptocurrency in India?
– Let us know that the cryptocurrency in India is considered illegal. The Indians had invested a lot of money in ‘Bitcoin’, after which finance minister Arun Jaitley had issued a warning to him.
Jaitley also prevented people from investing in all kinds of crypto money. In the budget speech this year, the finance minister had said that the central government will take every possible step to curb cryptocurrency. It is also being done to keep away from the payment system.


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