Google Ape will challenge to Apple iMassage

Google Ape will challenge to Apple iMassage
Google Ape will challenge to Apple iMassage

Google is now working on the new app to give competition to one of the most special features of the iPhone. These messaging apps from Google will give the user the ability to switch from phone to direct desktop to send messages. Along with that, he is ready to face the challenge of the specialty of the iOS system.

Challenges to the iPhone’s messaging feature
Let me tell you that the ‘iMessage’ in the iPhone is one of Apple’s most special features. Using the iMessage, you can open the same setup on your ‘Mac’ centum (computer) and send the message as you are sending messages to the phone. Let me tell you that there have been reports that Google is preparing the app for a long time to challenge iMessage. But Google has not got any success so far.

Will Google give Apple a collision through this feature?
The Android system’s website, ‘Android Police’, has reported that Google is now working on a version of messaging that will give users the chance to switch messaging from phone to computer with the help of a browser. According to the information, this feature can be named ‘Messages for Web’. Through this feature, you have to scan a QR code on a mobile from the computer and your text messages will open in the computer. Then you can talk through computer only. Under this feature, you will be able to make messaging at a time from both the computer and the phone. This can be exactly the same as chatting on phones and computers via WhatsApp.

Shopping can be done only with the app
There are indications that Google can also bring an app where you can make payments only during Android messaging. This will be different from Google Wallet. In this new feature, Google users can choose to buy and pay goods in the Messaging app.

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