Grant to Farmers on Agricultural Machinery

The Agriculture Department has decided to provide subsidy on the purchase of various agricultural equipment on the farmers of the district. Farmers can make online and off-line applications for purchase of agricultural machinery. The amount of grant on agricultural equipment will be sent to the farmers’ account.

Farmers of the district will not have to spend more money now to buy fertilizer. The Agriculture Department has decided to target 109 farmers of Rothar, 24 Carroll, 24 to Diesel Pumpets, 20 for Multi Crop Thresher, 30 for Reaper Self-propelled and Power Farmer to five farmers, HDPE pipes 10,000 thousand targets. The government will get 40 percent of the purchase price, 50 percent subsidy to the Scheduled Castes / minor marginal women farmers, from the government. Maximum 30 to 40 thousand rupees on rotavator, Rs 15 thousand on cedrrill / zero til, diesel pump set five to ten HP ten thousand rupees, multi crack crusher 40 thousand, rupees 15 to 25 thousand rupees, extra paper/shelf propelled Rs. 63 thousand on reaper, Rs. 1 lakh on reaper combiner, Rs. 60 thousand on power tiller, the subsidy of 50 rupees per meter on HDPE pipes.

Deputy Director Agriculture AK Upadhyay said that it is mandatory for farmers to register for taking advantage of this scheme. Registered farmers can apply online on the site of the Agriculture Department’s Wave site. This scheme has been started on the lines of first come and first serve. Buying these plants from the shops located in the district can upload the bill on the Wave site. After verification of the bill, the grant will be made to the concerned farmer.

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