Mobile App will tell the true value of alcohol, shoppers’ arbitrarily closed

Mobile App will tell the true value of alcohol, shoppers' arbitrarily closed

If you also think that the shopkeeper is charging you more from the price of alcohol, then this news is for your work. The Excise Department of Hyderabad has launched a mobile app on Saturday, with the help of which you can find the value of liquor in the entire state. Also, you will be able to make a complaint even if the price is charged. However, this app is only for Telangana state.

This app will have 880 types of liquor prices which are available in the state and this app is called Telangana Liquor Price which you can download from the Google Play Store for free. In this app, you will also have a list of 25 best selling liquor. There will also be a list of district wise top 5 beer.

At the same time, the department has made at least two CCTV cameras compulsory at the liquor shop. These cameras will link directly to the Central Room of the excise department of Hyderabad. Users will be able to complain through the app that more prices are being collected at the store.

Complaints can be made out of the shop regarding alcohol consumption, adulteration, late-night shops and selling of old stocks. Apart from this, customers will be able to file a complaint through WhatsApp and also on the phone. 7989111222 for WhatsApp and Toll-Free 1800-4252523 numbers have been issued for the phone.

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