Plastic Packing Product is Harmful to Our Health

plastic bottles

Plastic is very harmful to our health. Many times we have listened to this type of news but we do not care about this.

We use plastic everywhere in our lives. Like to pack the salt, ghee, oil, sugar, bread, butter, jam and everywhere. We think that this is very lightweight and easy to carry. Mostly we use the plastic to pack eating and drinking items, which is very harmful. Plastic bottles leave chemical in food and drinks which reacts in our body.

When we take tea in a plastic cup and eat something on a newspaper that is very dangerous due to their biochemical activity.When we use plastic item we should check their quality. Many countries have banned it, to use in child toy and lunch box.

After getting hot in summer or by heat these chemical bottles emit chemicals and reacts with water. Do not drink Tea and Water in plastic items.

If you see Numbers on the plastic product :

1  – Indicates the product Terresthallet is made of a soft drink, water, catch up, pickles jelly etc. It’s a good quality.

2- It is made for water, milk, and juice.

3- It is made for the dairy product, sauces, meats, herbal product, Tea, and Cofee.

4- It is made for outdoor furniture, floor tiles, shower curtains. It is low quality.

5- It is made of polystyrene and made for foam packaging, food containers. It is good for food packaging.

Once you use water bottles it should be broken. And remember we should not carry tea in a polythene, it is often seen.

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