Research: The ‘sickness’ of a one student in every five out of college

The world’s young population is in the shadow of a very serious danger these days. This danger is the stress or depression that is taking its children into college. Experts say that in every five students studying in college a student is struggling with stress and depression.

In the ‘Center for Collegiate Mental Health Reports’, it has come to the fore that most of the students studying at the college are seeking counseling for anxiety and despair, that is, depression. On the basis of this research, it has been said that one in five out of every five students studying in college has difficulty with anxiety and depression. Professor David Rosenberg, professor of psychology at Wayne State University, explains what are the major reasons for disappointment among the students.

Threat to technology
Professor David says that the changes in technology in the current period, the brains of youth remain the biggest cause of trouble. First of all, social media is the biggest influence on students studying in college. They say that children who have been sticking to the social media all the time have been fighting continuously between virtual world and reality. These students are worried that there is no harm to the image created on their virtual world.
Apart from this, the study also believes that smartphone education also increases sleep disorders, depression, stress and anxiety among students. One study says that 50 percent of college students responded by sleeping in the night to reply to the message.

> Use of Drugs
Students often start consuming medicines to withstand various things such as a pressure of studies in the college, the worry of doing different activities. But often taking drugs that are often taken takes children into addiction. Professor David says that in the last five years, most of the cases came to me in which parents said that due to medicines, tension has increased in their child.

Genetic discomfort
It has been observed that in the last 20 years, the problem of disappointment in our society has increased significantly. That means parents are also struggling with more stress. In such a situation, problems of anxiety and frustration come into their children through jeans.

> Stay away from home
Many students of the college are disturbed by the memories of the house and the separation of their families from reading outdoors. Concern and depression in these children start growing rapidly. Apart from this, the students living away from home are worried that if their marks are not good or if they do not get a job after college then what will the family members say? Or some children are worried about this, somewhere they will not have to sit out of college and sit at home

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