Start this Business in 80 thousand only, to get back 4 to 7 lakh

To start a business in big cities, there is a lot of money needed, but in small towns, tier-three cities can start small businesses, which can earn you a lot of money. The government is also supporting such business, in which the government and government subsidy loan and subsidies are given under the Prime Minister Employment Generation Program or Khadi Village Industries Program. In the budget of this time, allocation of these two programs has been significantly increased so that more and more people can start a business.

Which business

Today we will tell you about a similar business. To start this business, you need only 80 thousand rupees, you will get loan up to 90 percent and subsidy of 15 to 25 percent. You can pack the products like flour, flour, and semolina by supplying the wheat flour mill unit and supply them in the market. The hotels of these products are also demanded in Bakery.

What will be the cost of the project

According to the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, if you want to get wheat flour and take a loan for it, then you have to prepare the project report. A project profile has been prepared by the Commission, according to which you can start floor mill with a project cost of approximately 8 lakh 85 thousand rupees. For this, about 1.5 lakhs will be spent on approximately 750 square feet of building sheds and about Rs 4.5 lakhs on equipment. While the working capital will cost about 2 lakh 85 thousand rupees. That is, the cost of your project will be 8 lakh 85 thousand rupees. Of which 90 percent of you can get a loan.

How much will be spent yearly

In this project report, it is reported that Rs 8.85 lakh project cost will be spent on the business of about Rs 5417000 in a year, Rs 48 lakh on raw material, 1.5 lakh on label and packing material, 3.25 on salaries Lakhs, Administrative expenses 1.25 lakhs, overhead 1.8 lakhs and other expenses, including interest and loans.


How much will I get

According to this project report, a year’s expenditure includes fixed cost of around Rs. 3 lakhs. That is, you spend about a year, which will be called cost of production, about 57 lakhs 18 thousand rupees. If all the goods you sell are sold then your total sales will be 65 lakh rupees. That is, you will have an income of approximately Rs 7.82 lakhs a year, but if you own 60 percent of the goods, then your income will be around Rs 4.69 lakh.

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