Why Comfort Women Carry in South Korean Buses

comfort women
comfort women

Comfort Women” is a symbol of war sex slaves in South Korea. It starts to carry comfort women in the buses a day before Anniversary of Independence from Japan 1910-1945 occupation. All these buses are operating in capital Seoul.

In the World War II, a lot of women were forced to use for entertainment and comfort for Japanese soldiers. Approx 2 lakh women were made sex slaves. We do not want to forget torture on women during the world war II. We should remember our painful history.

In September last, all these statues will be in public places to display. Till then we are using audio system to explain their summery. These buses are passing through Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

Once a time, statue of a girl sitting in front of the Japanese consulate in Busan.

Many people opposed for this in Japan. Japan claims for a violation of an agreement with South Korea.

At the same time, South Korea has been demanding from Japan to apologize and compensated for “Comfort Women”

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