Stones Will Increase Due to Eat These Things

Stones Will Increase Due to Eat These Things

Nowadays, Peoples are very busy in their life, even they do not have time to take care of eating habits properly. Due to the busy schedule, they cause some diseases, Stone is one of the diseases. Peoples do not aware of the initial level. peoples who are facing stones problem in their kidney, they know very well symptoms. Due to stones increase urine time becomes difficult. If you take care of your daily food quality, then stones problem may reduce.

Make Distance From These Things:-

Spinach: Patients of stones make a distance from spinach because it contains oxalate which stores calcium. Calcium does not let it go in the urine. So patients of stones should not take spinach because it may be dangerous for patients.

Chocolate: Chocolates increase the size of stones because it contains Oxalates. So you need to quit to eat chocolate instantly.

Tomatoes: We take tomatoes in our daily food. Tomatoes contain oxalates. In such a case, if you eat tomatoes, do not eat their seeds.

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