Successful Treatment of White Stains

Successful Treatment of White Stains

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is same as the complete social curse. It is bad for
patient not only in India but also in the world.

It affects the whole family, due to one patient. It affects any age of a person
from childhood to old. In old days, there was a temporary solution
. After long time modern science found the better solution for

Some type of white stain we can cure by surgery treatment. In this
treatment upper surface of the skin extract, on that place doctors
transplant with the healthy pigment cells from other parts of the same

Complete information for Melanocyte Transplantation is how it is done

Melanocyte Transplantation is also called Non-cultured Melanocyte-
Keratinocyte Transplantation Procedure.

Melanocyte Transplantation is the complete boon for white spot and it is
very sophisticated surgical procedure for the patient of white spot. This is
also a treatment for zygotes, loss of pigmentation from melanocyte

There is no need to admit the patient in the hospital for Melanocyte
Transplantation. This is a normal day care procedure , which takes 1 to
3 hours.

Some special places like bony area, areola, genitals, knuckles , this
treatment is very effective.

Important Question :

Melanocyte Transplantation : is a group of musculoskeletes which
prepares melanin. Melanocyte destroyed in white strains. Removal of
Melanocyte cells from a normal part of the body is the solution of white

Side effects of Melanocyte Transplantation :

Due to surgical treatment, use of few medicine Like antibiotic, pain
killers, there is no side effects.

1. Chances of scars is in 2 to 5 percent of the population

2. Hypo pigment ring appears many times , which goes on in time.

Limitations of Melanocyte Transplantation :

This procedure can not be used on those people whose scars are
growing or new stains on other side of the body

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