Beginners Guide: How to Design a Nursery on Budget

Beginners Guide: How to Design a Nursery on Budget

Among other responsibilities before childbirth, designing a nursery is a massive one. However, a lot of people do not specifically build a baby nursery. They buy a couple of furniture and install it in their bedroom and voila, it’s done! Let’s learn about designing a nursery on a budget. You don’t have to create a dent in your bank account to put together a perfect room for your baby. Also, this isn’t going to be the only expense.

Research and Budget

It is crucial to know what you want to do and how to do it if you are under a budget. This is why research before any form of execution is mandatory. Learn about baby nurseries, protection methods, best furniture types, clothing fabrics, lighting, and decor. Once you have a clearer picture in your head, budgeting will be easier. Budgeting it is highly crucial to prevent underestimating how expensive goods are. Some products are expensive but compulsory, so you must buy them.

Stick to A Theme

A tough decision, especially if don’t know the gender of your baby! If this is the case then you must go for neutral colours like grey, yellow and white. If it is a boy then you can go overboard with a favourite superhero and make it rock. And for a little princess, girlish and princess-y themes suit best. If you choose a colour palette like pink and white, then make sure to stick to it. Develop ideas that evolve with the theme.

Second-Hand Goods

It is not necessary to purchase brand new products to cover different requirements. Why? Because a lot of things cannot be used after the baby grows older and becomes a waste of space. We say go for good conditioned second-hand goods. You can find them at thrift stores, garage sales or a friend or relative.

Get Good and Cheaper Products

There are many expensive and high-end stores, but there are also many good and reasonably-priced stores. If you want to purchase new nursery furniture or any other baby product, you can visit a kids’ goods store. There are many online stores that you can visit too. Stores like eBay and Amazon are amazing choices, but you must consider the drawbacks of online shopping. 

Your number one focus must be a comfort. If the baby is comfortable, the baby will be happy.

Smart Storage

There are plenty of DIY ideas for storage issues. Decorative baskets, cupboards, and drawers are the most common types of storage. You can also use old storage cupboards that are in good condition. To match your theme maybe you can renovate it and use it wisely.

Optfor Long Term Goods

Cheaper goods can mean short term; however, it is not worth it. Buy goods that will last for as long as it is useful. Whether it is the crib, the mattress or the baby bottle. Also, make sure to install things into the nursery with a plan for future space. Do not go for massive dressers or cupboards, the baby doesn’t need it now. Save space to put in a table or more storage items or maybe a toy.


The final and most personal touch. Use stickers, fairy lights, chimes, and photos. Make sure to keep the glass, electrical and any dangerous items out of the baby’s reach. This is the final step, make sure to you execute it to perfection.

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