Tips for Good Wine Storing and Collection

Tips for Good Wine Storing and Collection

Fine wine sure has many enthusiasts but only a few of them have the passion and the knowledge to invest in a good solid collection, it to mention that fine wine, especially ones that are well-aged are not cheap to come by. You may drink the wine and enjoy the flavors but it just doesn’t end there for the wine collector. They collect the bottles safely and revel about the years of a collection that has gone into acquiring this stock.

However, in order for you to enjoy the wine, you should first know how you can store it correctly. Here are some of the best ways in which you can make sure your collection is always safe.

Keep That Inventory Spotless

If you are a very high end wine collector, you know what you paid to get each bottle of wine in your collection. This means that maintaining an inventory is of the highest importance. If you lose a bottle that cashed in at 10,000 dollars you will be losing a significant amount of money right? Your success as a collector lies within your ability to take and maintain a perfect inventory. It is always best to keep a manual version of this and also a backup version on your devices so that you know where to find the information even if you have misplaced the manual version.

Keep the Temperature Right

One more very important point to remember is that wines are highly sensitive to the environment in which they are stored. For example, you may buy a white wine that is crisp and nutty in a cold climate and take it to a slightly warmer climate where you live. When you open the wine it might taste too sour and tannic. This is because of the temperature changes. A good wine storage system takes into consideration the importance of cooling so that all the wines can be stored in their original condition.

The ideal temperature of a wine cellar should be set at a strict 55 Fahrenheit because at this temperature the wine ageing process happens in a very refined manner and stagnates so that it will only have a very few chemical reactions that will bring out the natural sweetness of the wine.

Track the Wine Value Always

What you paid for a bottle in 2009 will not be the same today. In fact what you paid 2 years ago might now be different because the prices of wines fluctuate based on several different factors. In order for you to have a good collection, you should also know about the net worth of the collection that you have at the moment. This way you will be able to make wise choices when you are investing in your wines.

Can Wines Withstand Natural Disasters?

You may think that this is a really funny question, seeing as how natural disasters may not be predictable or avoidable completely but if you have reinforced wine racks in your wine storage you will be able to protect your bottles and insulate them from sustaining severe damage in the aftermath of a natural disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake. This will help you keep your investment safe.

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