Types of Baby Wear Every Mom Should Get

Types of Baby Wear Every Mom Should Get

Whether you are just planning baby shopping or opening up a pile of baby shower gifts or looking into the wide eyes of your newborn baby, there are chances that you feel that you have missed out on some baby wear essentials. With so many adorable pieces out there, we are misled and we end up purchasing the cute items instead of the essential ones. It is easy to miss out on the oh-so-obvious items while we focus on the oh-so-not-necessary items. That’s okay, we have all been there and done that more than twice. Charged of guilty pleasures! We have made a short list of the must-have clothing items every mother must own and every baby must rock.


The complete outfit actually. Your baby can wear it wherever and whenever desired. Baby bodysuits aka onesies are must-haves for your infant’s wardrobe. They are a go-to baby shower gift but it is wise to have varying sizes in hand. Why you ask? Well, your baby is going to grow faster than you think and last moment breakdowns must be avoided. Check out the latest bonds baby bodysuits, they are super comfortable!

Make sure you purchase a variety of mixed patterns and colors to make each day shine a little brighter. And all parents love to dress their bundles of joys. Plus, babies look adorable in everything!

Kimono Tops

While you and the baby are still getting used to this style of dressing, kimono tops are a lifesaver because you don’t have to pull it down the baby’s head. It is a life saver. Also, it minimizes the contact with the newborn’s highly sensitive umbilical cord.Kimono style tops are available in both long and short sleeves and can be either used as a top or a thin jersey over other articles of clothing.

Beanie Hats

Well, its summer and the baby does not need an extra layer on his/ her head. Is that what you think? Well, think again. Why do nurses cover the ears and the head of the babies as soon as they are born? These cover-ups prevent the baby from catching a cold and regulate body temperature. So yes, you may sweat but your baby needs are a comfortable cover up.

Baby Socks

Whether it is cold outside or inside, baby socks are a must. Why? Number one, they regulate the body temperature and keep the baby warm. Number two, they are absolutely adorable. Socks go together with every outfit. Have a variety of patterns and colors, mix and match will be easier.


A romper is a top and bottom, all in one. They usually come with snaps in the crotch area for easy access to diaper change. Not only does it mean that fewer clothes on a baby but they also come in fun prints and fashion forward styles. Ideal for a playdate, family outing, a perfect picture or a warm day.


Everybody demands comfort for a good night rest. Same principles apply for babies, maybe even more. A sleeper does more than just a good night sleep. They are ideal for random play dates, it keeps the baby warm and cozy during outings and they allow easy diaper changes. Stock them up, because your baby will need at least one per night.

Leggings, bloomers and comfortable accessories are a couple of other must-haves. Comfort must be the main priority while selecting almost anything for the baby. Happy baby, happy life.

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