Instagram fro Web Gets Makeover from Facebook

Instagram fro Web Gets Makeover from Facebook

Users will be able to see their notifications on the web in case of any new activity

Facebook-owned Instagram is accessed mostly from smartphones. However, now it looks as though the photo-sharing app wants to attract more web users to its portal. In a major update, Instagram for Web will get a drop-down notifications tab, similar to Facebook.

Users will be able to see new notifications on their web whenever a new friend joins the app, when they get a new follower, or when someone likes their pictures or videos. The web update is now available for all Instagram users.

This latest move suggests that Instagram is working to open its platform to web users as well. Until recently, it has kept its features limited to its mobile app only. Users can access their Instagram accounts through the web but are unable to edit, or share any of their posts unless they use the application.

The managers of photo-sharing app have realized quickly that they can add more users to the network if they open the platform up for users who prefer to access it through other machines, besides smartphones. Instagram’s web version is not expected to be out any time soon. However, this step shows that the company is working to enhance user experience on the web.

Instagram recently updated its algorithm so that users now receive personalized feeds. The algorithm filters content based on users’ preferences instead of simply presenting information in reverse-chronological order. Facebook launched the web version of Whatsapp, last year, along with a separate website. Evidently, it hopes to achieve similar traction among users for Instagram with its latest move.

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