Now An App Will Warn You Against Your Phone Radiation Level

Now An App Will Warn You Against Your Phone Radiation Level

This is the time of Android Smartphones and apps. Now, a new kind of app on Android is launched which will tell you about how many electromagnetic radiations your brain is catching from your handset. The app will also tell you when to hold your handset away from your brain. The app has been downloaded 10,000 times in less than a week.

The app will guide you on how to control the radiation level of your phone. It will automatically start working when the radiation level of your phone gets high and it will also warn you against it.


Name of app is “Tawkon”. It is a free app that can be downloaded from the play store and it differs from model to model. Tawkon will alert you about the high radiations from your cell phone and will give tips to lower the radiations as its creators are saying. The app senses the activities of components inside the phone and then warns you to hold your phone away from your head- or even hang up.

But the iPhone users are not so lucky as this app is not available for Apple users after it was personally turned down by Apple in an email that simply said, ‘No Interest’. “Your phone is already equipped with what you need to protect yourself”, late CEO Steve Jobs said. In 2010, the creators of Tawkon also built a jailbroken app for iPhone but Apple didn’t show any interest.

Creators of Tawkon are saying that the app tracks the contributing factors for the high radiation level and quickly suggest you to make a change when you are in the middle of a call.

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